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C-02 Gastric/GE junction

1070: Performance Of A Nomogram Predicting Disease-specific Survival After An R0 Resection For Gastric Cancer In Patients Receiving Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy
Verheij, Marcel Click abstract title to view poster
2255: Clinical Outcome Of Palliative Radiotherapy In Locally Advanced, Symptomatic Gastric Cancer In The Modern Era
Tey, Jeremy Click abstract title to view poster
2256: Preliminary Results Of Ongoing Phase II Study Of Postoperative Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) Combined With Capecitabine For High Risk Gastric Cancer Patients
ren, hua Click abstract title to view poster
2257: A Phase I Study of Concurrent Capecitabine and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy(IMRT) as Adjuvant Treatment for Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer
Wang, Xin Click abstract title to view poster
2258: Comparing Capecitabine Plus Oxaliplatin Versus Capecitabine Plus Oxaliplatin With Concurrent Capecitabine Radiotherapy in Completely Resected Gastric Cancer
Zhang, Li Click abstract title to view poster
2259: Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Management of Gastric Cancer: QRRO/CURE Results
Owen, Jean Click abstract title to view poster
2260: Megavoltage Ct (MVCT) Based Evaluation Of Internal Target Volume In Patients Undergoing Tomotherapy Based Image Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation For Gastric Cancers
AGGARWAL, ADITI Click abstract title to view poster
2261: Phase I Study Of Docetaxel, 5-fluorouracil And Cisplatin With Concurrent Radiotherapy For Unresectable Locally Advanced Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Xing, Ligang
2262: Analysis of Treatment Modalities for Gastric Adenocarcinoma
Patel, Shilpen
2263: Increased Survival Associated With Surgery And Radiation Therapy In Metastatic Gastric Cancer; A Seer Database Analysis
Shridhar, Ravi
2264: Inter- And Intrafraction Gastric Motion Study -Impact Of Breathing And Stomach Filling -
Fukada, Junichi Click abstract title to view poster
2265: Clinical Outcomes for Gastric Cancer following Adjuvant Chemoradiation Utilizing Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
Liu, Gene-Fu