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Q-03 Cell and tissue kinetics/Signaling/Microenvironment

1031: Kinomic Proband Model Of Radiation Response From Patient-derived Gbm Xenolines
Willey, Christopher Click abstract title to view poster
1033: Low Dose Radiation To The Nerve Alone Impairs Perineural Invasion Independent Of Cancer Cell Death
Bakst, Richard Click abstract title to view poster
3191: Revisiting Inflammation as a Target for Normal Tissue Damage Mitigation: Interplay Among Interleukin Expression, Parenchyma and Inflammatory Cells in Lung Effects.
Williams, Jacqueline
3192: Radio-sensitivity Of Pimonidazole-unlabeled Intratumor Quiescent Cells To Gamma-rays, Accelerated Carbon Ion Beams And Boron Neutron Capture Reaction
Masunaga, Shin-ichiro Click abstract title to view poster
3193: The Role of Prostate Cancer 20-HETE in Tumor Vasculature
Wu, Cheng-Chia Click abstract title to view poster
3194: Ras Promotes Non-Autonomous Cell Death in Response to Radiation: Insights from a Novel Drosophila-Based Model of Radiotherapy
Klein, Thomas
3195: ERK1 Meddiated Epithelial-Mesenchumal Transition and Neuroendocrine Development in Prostate Cancer Cells that Survive High Dose Ionizing Radiation
Wang, Tao
3196: Radioluminescence Microscopy: A New Tool to Characterize Heterogeneous Radiopharmaceutical Uptake in Living Cells
Pratx, Guillem Click abstract title to view poster
3197: The Kinetics of Repair of Sublethal Damage in Rat Cervical Spinal Cord during Fractionated Irradiation - Application of the gLQ Model with Reciprocal Time Pattern
Huang, Zhibin Click abstract title to view poster
3198: MicroRNA-375 Expression Correlates With Increased Radiosensitivity, Decreased Invasion, and Improved Patient Survival in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Boimel, Pamela Click abstract title to view poster
3199: Ionizing Radiation Modifies Tissue Tension, Mechanosignaling and Apoptosis in Human Breast
Park, Catherine
3200: Evaluation of Immunological Changes in Patients Treated with SBRT and Radiotherapy - A Prospective cohort Study
Swamy, Kumara Click abstract title to view poster
3201: Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) Value on MR Imaging as a Marker of Treatment Response in Prostate Cancer
Mallarajapatna, Govindarajan
3202: PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway In The Regulation Of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Radiosensitivity After Hypofractionated Radiotherapy
Wang, Ping
3203: Convergence of Divergent Tumors: A Systems Biology Approach of Tumor-specific Signaling
Huang, Jing Click abstract title to view poster
3204: Radiation-induced HIF-1a Induces Radioresistance And Enhances The Migration Abilities In Glioblastoma Cells Through Pten-src-hif-1a Signaling Axis
Okamoto, Masahiko
3205: Hypoxic & Reperfusive Responses Are Selectively Altered During Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Progression
Dyer, Brandon Click abstract title to view poster