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R-05 Particle beam therapy

1080: Long Term Update on UCSF-LBNL Prospective, Randomized Trial: Charged Particles Versus Iodine-125 Plaque Therapy in the Management of Uveal Melanoma
Mishra, Kavita Click abstract title to view poster
3635: Usefulness of Vinyl Polysiloxane Dental Impression Material as a Proton Beam Stopper to Save Normal Tissue in Oral Cancer Irradiation: Basic and Clinical Verification
Kawamura, Mariko Click abstract title to view poster
3636: Dosimetric Characterization of Scanned Ion Beam QA- and Patient Treatment Fields
Henkner, Katrin Click abstract title to view poster
3637: Feasibility Study Of Glass Dosimeter Postal Dose Intercomparison For Proton Beams
Rah, Jeong-Eun
3638: Decreased Vertebral Column Dose In Spinal Irradiation With IMPT And Proton Arc Techniques: Potential For Protons To Allow For CSI Without Inducing Spinal Growth Impairment
Seco, Joao Click abstract title to view poster
3639: Range Uncertainty In Proton Therapy: An End-to-end Study Using Various Animal Tissues
Zheng, Yuanshui
3640: Changes of the Range of Carbon Ion Beam During The Course of Radiation Therapy For The Treatment of Nasal and Paranasal Mucosal Malignant Melanoma
Saitoh, Jun-ichi Click abstract title to view poster
3641: Single Room Proton Radiotherapy
Klein, Eric Click abstract title to view poster
3642: Comparison of Skin Doses in Spot Scanning and Passive Scattering Proton Therapy Treatment Plans for Pediatric Patients with Spinal Ependymomas
Dhanesar, Sandeep
3643: Assessment of Acute Cervical Skin Toxicity due to Fractionated Proton Beam Therapy for Head And Neck Cancer
Inokuchi, Haruo Click abstract title to view poster
3644: New Technique for Developing Proton Range Compensator Using Three-dimensional Printer
Ju, Sang Gyu
3645: Plan Quality Of Proton Versus Photon IG-IMRT
Kainz, Kristofer Click abstract title to view poster
3646: Conventional PTV-Based Optimization Lacks Robustness For IMPT Head & Neck (H&N) Planning
Liu, Wei
3647: Post-Operative Radiotherapy (RT) for Salivary Gland Carcinoma: A Comparison of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Proton Treatment Techniques
Swisher-McClure, Samuel
3648: Dosimetric Characteristics In IMPT: Impact Of Optimization Techniques And Pencil Beam Scanning Nozzle Designs.
Yeung, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
3649: Automatic Dose Verification for Spot Scanning Proton Therapy Using Recorded Spot Positions and MUs
Li, Heng
3650: Evaluation Of Scanning Beam Proton Therapy For Medulloblastoma Boost Treatment
Mahajan, Anita
3651: A New Clinical Dose-measuring Tool For Electron-beam Therapy Using Plastic Scintillator
Kamikubo, Yoshifumi Click abstract title to view poster
3652: Four-dimensional Treatment Planning In Layer-stacking Boost Irradiation For Carbon-ion Pancreatic Therapy
Mori, Shinichiro Click abstract title to view poster
3653: Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy Is Dosimetrically Superior To Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy For Head And Neck Cancers
Yeh, Brian
3654: Fast Monte Carlo Dose Calculation on GPU For Proton Therapy
Jia, Xun Click abstract title to view poster
3655: Proposal Of The Cooperation Method Between EMR/CPOE-RIS-TMS By Using The IHE (integrating The Healthcare Enterprise) - Implementation And Challenge At NIRS
MUKAI, Masami Click abstract title to view poster
3656: High-dose, Spot Scanning Based Proton Therapy for Sacral Neoplasms. Toxicities of Pelvic Organs and Dose Distribution Analysis in a Patient Cohort.
Schneider, Ralf
3657: Experimental Evaluation of the Interplay Effect of Scanning Proton-beam for Small Moving Target in Heterogeneity using a Four-dimensional Phantom
Egashira, Yusuke
3658: Dosimetric Analysis of Small Field 6 MeV Electrons to Replace Superficial X-Rays for Superficial Cancers.
Avadhani, Jaiteerth
3659: Characterization of Uniform Scanning Proton Beams with Proton Loss Model
Lee, Tae Kyu
3660: A Comparative Study of Single verses Two Field Daily Fraction for Treatment of Prostate Cancer Using IMPT, Double-scattered, and SFUD Delivery Technique
Arjomandy, Bijan
3661: Comparison of Scanning Beam Proton Therapy (SBPT) to Intensity Modulated X-ray Therapy (IMRT) for Postoperative Salvage Treatment of Prostate Cancer Patients
Choi, Seungtaek
3662: Dosimetric Comparison between IMRT and Uniform Scanning Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Zheng, Yuanshui
3663: Scanning Beam Proton Therapy Reduces Dose To Normal Tissue Compared To 3-d X-rays Or Passively-scattered Proton Therapy In Patients With Stage I Seminoma.
Nguyen, Quynh
3664: LET-Guided Biological Optimization in IMPT: Implications on RBE Value
Giantsoudi, Drosoula Click abstract title to view poster
3665: Carbon Ion Therapy Applied In Raster Scanning Technique For Hepatocellular Carcinoma - First Results From The Heidelberg Ion-beam Therapy Center
Habermehl, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
3666: Development, Implementation, and Results of an Automated Compensator Quality Assurance Device
Cook, April
3667: Dose Reduction to Small Bowel and Other Relevant Structures in Rectal Carcinoma with Proton Therapy
Palmer, Matthew Click abstract title to view poster
3668: Utilization Of Constraints In The Optimization Algorithm With Scanning Beam Proton Therapy Decreases Dose To The Rectum For Patients With Prostate Cancer.
Nguyen, Quynh
3669: Is Constant RBE Accurate Enough for Determination of Biological Effects in Proton Therapy?
Mirkovic, Dragan Click abstract title to view poster
3670: Prospective Study of Thoracic Reirradiation with Proton Beam Radiotherapy: Feasibility and Safety Analysis
Milby, Abigail
3671: Proton Beam Therapy Reduces Dose to Pelvic Bone Marrow Compared with IMRT: A Dosimetric Study
Yajnik, Santosh Click abstract title to view poster
3672: Comparison Of Different Treatment Techniques In Radiotherapy For Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Dosimetric Analysis According To Tumor Location
Park, Su Yeon
3673: Application of Beam Specific PTV in Proton Therapy Treatment Planning
Song, Xiaofei
3674: Determination of Spread Out Bragg Peak Factors and Range Shifter Factors from Measured Depth Dose Curves for Passively Scattered Proton Beams
Sahoo, Narayan
3675: Polymer Scintillator Detector for Real Time Proton Beam Quality Assurance
Izaguirre, Enrique W.
3676: Dosimetric Comparisons of Uniform Scanning Proton Beam Therapy (US PBT) versus Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) versus Conformal 3 Dimensional Radiation Therapy (3D CRT) for Mediastinal Malignancies.
Chang, John Han-Chih