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R-06 Novel treatment delivery techniques

1122: Prone Partial Breast Coronal Arc Irradiation: Combining Intensity Modulated Delivery with Dynamic Motion of the Couch
Hristov, Dimitre Click abstract title to view poster
1126: Respiratory-gated Deep-inspiration Breath Hold Left Breast Irradiation Incorporating Real-time 3D Surface Optical Tracking and Integrated MV Cine Acquisition
Rong, Yi Click abstract title to view poster
3677: HDR GYN: Syed and Tandem and Ring - Moving Forward Toward GEC-ESTRO Protocol Implementation
Iftimia, Ileana Click abstract title to view poster
3678: A New Beam and Delivery System for Radiotherapy
Alezra, Dror Click abstract title to view poster
3679: Dosimetric and Biological Impacts of Simultaneous Integrated Brachytherapy Boost (SIBB) Delivered via I125 Seeds followed by External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT) on Prostate Cancer
Mourad, Waleed
3680: Estimation Of A Tracking Margin In Surrogate Signal-based Dynamic Tumor Tracking Irradiation With Vero4drt(mhi-tm2000)
Nakamura, Mitsuhiro Click abstract title to view poster
3681: Intra-fractional Tracking Accuracy in Surrogate Signal-based Dynamic Tumor-tracking Irradiation with Vero4DRT (MHI-TM2000)
Mukumoto, Nobutaka Click abstract title to view poster
3682: Feasibility of Direct-Conversion Flat Panel Detector (FPD) System as Quality Assurance (QA) Tool for 192-Ir Source of High Dose Rate (HDR) Remote Afterloading Unit : Evaluation of Positional and Temporal Accuracy
Miyahara, Yoshinori Click abstract title to view poster
3683: A New Method of Total Body Irradiation Using a Field-In-Field Technique
YAMAMOTO, HIDEO Click abstract title to view poster
3684: Feasibility of Generating Synthetic ED and CT Images from Conventional MR Images for Brain Radiation Treatment Planning and Delivery
Paulson, Eric
3685: Four-dimensional Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Method For Dynamic Tumor Tracking Irradiation With A Gimbaled X-ray Head
Ishihara, Yoshitomo Click abstract title to view poster
3686: Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy Using Static Ports of Tomotherapy (TomoDirect): Comparison with the TomoHelical Mode
Murai, Taro Click abstract title to view poster
3687: A Novel Semi-Automated Multi-Modality Segmentation Tool for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning in Sarcoma Patients
Markel, Daniel Click abstract title to view poster
3688: Locally Drug Enhanced Brachytherapy: A Comparison of Two Approaches Based on Biologically Effective Dose
Cormack, Robert Click abstract title to view poster
3689: Delivery Efficiency And Dosimetric Accuracy Of Respiratory-gated Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Using An Elekta Digital Accelerator
Cui, Guoqiang Click abstract title to view poster
3690: Investigation of Out-of-field Scattered Radiation Based on Dose Rate for Sliding Window IMRT
Canbolat, Abdulmecit
3691: NanoDots Dosimetry for RS 2000 X-Ray Biological Irradiator
Lu, Lanchun Click abstract title to view poster
3692: Gated VMAT Treatment of Moving Targets Using a FFF Linear Accelerator
Cheung, Kin Yin Click abstract title to view poster
3693: Design and Optimization of an HDR 192Ir Brachytherapy Applicator for Skin Irradiation Using Monte Carlo-Based Dosimetry
Yang, Yun Click abstract title to view poster
3694: The Utilization of IMRT Planning in Decreasing The risk of Accelerated Demyelination in Multiple Sclerosis Patients Following External Beam Radiation Therapy
Hashem, Rania Click abstract title to view poster
3695: Improvement Of Tracking Accuracy With Vero4DRT(MHI-TM2000) Using Phase Shift Correction
Akimoto, Mami Click abstract title to view poster
3696: The Immobilization Performance Of A Novel “Open-face” Mask Used For The Setup Of Claustrophobic Patients Being Treated For Head And Neck Cancers
Lee, Nancy
3697: Implement of a Passive Breath Gating Equipment for Cone Beam CT guided Volumetric Modulated Radiotherapy in Gastric Cancer Treatment: Preliminary Results
Hu, Weigang
3698: Comparative Study of Biologic Effective Dose for the beta emitters 142Pr and 90Y and Their Applications in Microsphere Brachytherapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Ferreira, Maria Clara
3699: Pre-clinical Image-guided Irradiation Of Pancreatic Cancer Transgenic Mouse Model
Korideck, Houari
3700: Total Body Irradiation at High Dose Rate Using a TrueBeam Accelerator Results in Increased Survival in a Mouse Model
Epperly, Michael
3701: A Ten-Year Single Institutional Experience Using Adjuvant External Beam Radiation Therapy for Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Mahmoud, Omar Click abstract title to view poster
3702: Improved Treatment Efficiency with Flattening Filter Free Mode and Implications for Common Clinical Scenarios
Thomas, Evan Click abstract title to view poster
3703: Risk Analysis of Real-Time Adaptive Planning Using the ViewRay System
Santanam, Lakshmi
3704: Impact of MLC Properties and IMRT Technique in Meningeoma and Head and Neck
Kantz, Steffi Click abstract title to view poster
3705: Reduction of Patient Body Size Dependency of CT Number Using Dual Energy Computed Tomography
3706: A Dosimetric Effects Of Four-dimensional And Monte-carlo Calculation Methods On Treatment Plans For Mobile Lung Cancer In Robotic Radiosurgery
Jeong, Ho jin
3707: Energy Minimization Approach to Inverse Optimization for Head-and-Neck Cancers.
Mihaylov, Ivaylo Click abstract title to view poster
3708: Impact of Control Point Angular Separation on the Dosimetric Accuracy of VMAT Plans.
Masi, Laura Click abstract title to view poster
3709: Respiratory Gated Radiotherapy With Hypofractionated Doses For Lung Tumors: Four Years’ Experience Of A Single-institution
Almaghrabi, Mohammed
3710: Evaluation of IMRT and VMAT for Head and Neck Cancer with Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Beams
Wu, Qiuwen Click abstract title to view poster
3711: A Novel Multi-field Grid Treatment Technique Using MLC Based IMRT
Jin, Jian-Yue
3712: Chest Wall Radiotherapy With Volumetric Modulated Arcs And The Potential Role Of Flattening Filter Free Photon Beams
Subramanian, Sai
3713: A new method for Total Body Irradiation (TBI) treatment planning using an “Irregular Surface Compensator”
Welliver, Meng Click abstract title to view poster
3714: Dose Perturbations involving an Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker in High Dose Rate (HDR) Breast Balloon Brachytherapy
Sung, Wonmo
3715: Assessment Of Tracking Jaws Based On MLC Aperture To Reduce Normal Tissue Irradiation In VMAT
Kim, Jung-in
3716: Development of Tissue Equivalent Gel Dosimeter for 3-Dimensional Dose Evaluation
Cho, Yu Ra Click abstract title to view poster
3717: Cost-Effective Radiation Therapy with Kilovoltage Photon Beams: A Monte Carlo Study
Bazalova, Magdalena Click abstract title to view poster
3718: Evaluation of Different External Radiotherapy Techniques for the Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma after Extrapleural Pleuropneumonectomy
Ciernik, Ilja
3719: Optimized Acquisition Parameters for MRI Only RT Using Ultrashort Echo Times
Kjer, Hans Martin Click abstract title to view poster
3720: Comparison Of Step-and-shoot Imrt And Different Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (vmat) Techniques For The Treatment Of Prostate Cancer
Yalman, Deniz Click abstract title to view poster
3721: Breast Tangential Treatment Plan Using Flattening Filter Free Beams: A Planning Study
Xie, Jiang
3722: Computer Vision Based Automation Of Verification Of Treatment Field Parameters (field Verification Timeout) Prior To Radiation Therapy
Sansourekidou, Parthena Click abstract title to view poster
3723: Current STAT Clinical Workflow and Proposed 30 Minute Scan, Plan, Treat STAT-RAD Workflow
Handsfield, Lydia Click abstract title to view poster
3724: Facilitating 3d Image-guided Treatment Planning Of Shielded Tandem & Ovoid-based, Gynecological Brachytherapy Utilizing Mvct
Kemp, Jeffrey Click abstract title to view poster
3725: FDG-Cerenkov Imaging: A Molecular Approach to Real-Time Treatment Guidance
Carpenter, Colin
3726: Iterative Determination of Clinical Beam Phase Space from Dose Measurements
Herranz, Elena
3727: Novel Findings On 18F-FDG PET Uptake Distributions Within NSCLC Tumors
Wijesooriya, Krishni
3728: Customized Vaginal Vault Brachytherapy with CT Imaging-Derived Applicator Prototyping
Wiebe, Ericka Click abstract title to view poster
3729: Improving Clinical Target Volume (CTV) Dose Homogeneity and Normal Tissue Maximum Dose for Endoesophageal High-dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy: One versus Three HDR Tube Technique
Greskovich, John
3730: Optimization Of Monte Carlo Code For Clinical Simulation Of Electron Beams
Guerra Gutierrez, Pedro Click abstract title to view poster
3731: Study Of The Radiation Dose Enhancement At The Gold-tissue Interface In Gold Nanoparticle-aided Radiation Therapy With Micro-dosimetry Technique
Paudel, Nava Click abstract title to view poster
3732: Validation of High-Resolution Multi-Modality Imaging of Pre-Treatment Lung Function in Pulmonary Neoplasms
Diwanji, Tejan
3733: A comparison of Lung SBRT Using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy with Static Field IMRT on TrueBeam
Kim, Grace Gwe-Ya Click abstract title to view poster
3734: Evaluation Of Dosimetric Accuracy In The Treatment Of Multiple Brain Metastases With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy And Single Isocenter.
Vieira, Andre
3735: Optimization of Permanent Seed Implant Dosimetry Incorporating Tissue Heterogeneity.
Mashouf, Shahram
3736: Head and Neck IMRT With or Without Flattening Filter: A Dosimetric Comparison
Unal, Semra Click abstract title to view poster
3737: Planning Quality and Delivery Accuracy Assessment of VMAT Plans for Whole Brain Treatment with Hippocampus Avoidance
Huang, Long Click abstract title to view poster
3738: Dosimetric Evaluation Of Tungsten Eye-Shield In 9, 12, And 16 Mev Electron Beams Using EBT2 Gafchromic Films.
Anand, Aman Click abstract title to view poster
3739: Dosimetric Comparison of Treatment Techniques for Skin Cancer Above the Clavicle: High Dose Rate 3-Dimensional Topographic Applicator Brachytherapy Versus Electron Therapy
Weinberg, Rebecca Click abstract title to view poster
3740: A Novel 'Theranostic' Approach? Polymer-coated Gold Nanoparticles Show Durable Systemic Circulation, are Readily Imaged, and Radiosensitize Human Cancer Cells and Tumors
Joh, Daniel
3741: Evaluation of Flattening Filter Free Lung/Tissue Heterogeneity Dose Calculations for Two Commercial Planning Systems
Kavanaugh, James Click abstract title to view poster
3742: Evaluation of Multi-isocentric VMAT Plan Sensitivity to Setup Errors
Ehler, Eric Click abstract title to view poster
3743: A Pragmatic Approach to Assessing Structure-Specific Dosimetric Error of VMAT Delivery
Song, Yulin