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TR-09 Translational research-experimental therapeutics and sensitizers

1026: Synthetic Lethal Interactions Between EGFR And PARP Inhibition In Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Nowsheen, Somaira Click abstract title to view poster
1029: Novel Hsp90 Inhibitor NVP-AUY922 Radiosensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells
Gandhi, Nishant Click abstract title to view poster
3253: Depletion of Regulatory T Cells Does not Influence the Inflammatory Response Induced by High Dose Irradiation
Ma, Shihong Click abstract title to view poster
3254: Enhancement of the Radiosensitizing Effect of Temozolomide: Targeting EGFR-associated Signaling in Malignant Glioma Cells
Kim, In Ah
3255: Imaging Of Premetastatic Sites And Prophylaxis Of Metastasis Using Radiosensitive Nanocapsules Via Radiotherapy.
Harada, Satoshi Click abstract title to view poster
3256: Development Of A Novel Nanoparticle Formulation Of Cisplatin To Improve Chemoradiotherapy
Wang, Andrew
3257: Preclinical Investigation of Hsp27 LNA as a Novel Radiosensitizer in Head and Neck Cancer
Guttmann, David Click abstract title to view poster
3259: Autophagy Inhibition by Chloroquine Radiosensitizes Colorectal Cancer Cells to Radiation Therapy
Schonewolf, Caitlin Click abstract title to view poster
3260: Cranial Irradiation Induces Migration of Bone Marrow Derived Microglia (BMDM) to the Cerebellum in Adult C57BL/6 Mice
Okonogi, Noriyuki
3261: Radiosensitizing Effects of mTOR Inhibitor (Temsirolimus) under Normoxic/Hypoxic Conditions
Ushjima, Hiroki
3262: Garcinol, a Histone Acetyltransferase Inhibitor, Radiosensitizes Cancer Cells by Inhibiting Non-homologous End Joining
Oike, Takahiro Click abstract title to view poster
3263: Nanoparticle Formulation of KU55933 as a Novel Radiosensitizer.
Foote, Michael
3264: Inhibition of TGF-1 Signaling with Halofuginone can Enhance the Anti-tumor Effect of Irradiation in Lung Cancer Xenograft
Zhao, Lujun Click abstract title to view poster
3265: Unexpected Paralysis in a Swine Model Suggests a Tolerance Constraint for Single-Fraction Spinal Nerve Irradiation
Medin, Paul
3266: Requirement of Anti-tumor Immunity and Enhancement by CTL-associated Antigen-4 Blockade on Therapeutic Efficacy of Radiation Therapy in a Mouse Tumor Model
YOSHIMOTO, Yuya Click abstract title to view poster
3267: Lysosome-Targeted Autophagy Inhibition Sensitizes Esophageal Cancer Cells to Ionizing Radiation
Li, Tao
3268: The Combination of Olaparib and Camptothecin Effectively Sensitize Radiation.
Sakata, Koh-ichi
3269: Intra-treatment Changes in RAD51 Foci Formation Predict Radiosensitization by PARP1 Inhibition in Breast Cancer Cell Lines
Speers, Corey
3270: An Iodine Labeled Porphyrin As A New Radiosensitizer In Vitro And Vivo, Combining Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) And Photon Activation Therapy (PAT)
Ishibashi, Naoya
3271: Pulsed Low-Dose-Rate Versus Standard Irradiation in Orthotopic Glioblastoma Multiforme: Dose Escalation, Functional Imaging, and the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform
Dilworth, Joshua
3272: Ganetespib, an HSP90 Inhibitor, Sensitizes Colorectal Cancers to the Effects of Ionizing Radiation
Diaz, Roberto
3273: Targeted Treatment With Anti-egfr Antibodies And Radiation Therapy For Patients With Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Anal Canal: Rationale For A New Treatment Strategy
Vuong, Te
3274: The mTORC1 / mTORC2 Inhibitor AZD2014 Enhances the Radiosensitivity of Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells
Kahn, Jenna
3275: Hyperthermia Sensitizes Glioblastoma Stem Cells to Radiation
Yu, Jennifer
3276: S-PAC-1, A Small Molecule Activator Of Procaspase 3, Sensitizes Human Breast Cancer And Other Cell Lines To Ionizing Radiation.
Abbineni, Gopal
3277: Potential Role of Novel Wnt Modulator ICG-001 As A Radiosensitizer In Glioblastoma Cell Lines
Dandapani, Savita Click abstract title to view poster
3278: Monitoring the Radiosensitizing Effects of Implantable Micro-oxygen Generator in Pancreatic Cancer Xenografts
Cao, Ning
3279: Direct-from-patient Tumorgrafts Of Head And Neck Cancers: Preclinical Models For Evaluating Chemoradiation.
Kimple, Randall
3280: Evaluating the HSP90 Inhibitor Ganetespib as a Radiosensitizing Agent in Breast Cancer Models In Vitro
Corso, Christopher
3281: The Standardized Herbal Formulation PHY906 Decreases the Toxicity of Abdominal Irradiation in Mice
Higgins, Susan
3282: Novel Radiosensitization through Reactive Oxygen Species Generation using Titanium Peroxide Nanoparticle Compounds against Pancreas Cancer
Nakayama, Masao Click abstract title to view poster
3283: New Gene Miip Enhances Radiosensitivity Of Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell In Vitro And In Vivo
Zhu, Guangying
3284: Glioblastoma Expressing MGMT: Contribution of PaTrin-2 in Radiotherapy with Temozolomide
Perillo-Adamer, Florence Click abstract title to view poster
3285: Development Of A High-throughput Platform For Measuring Radiation Response
Abazeed, Mohamed
3286: Des-methyl, Des-amino pateamine A, a Synthetic Analogue of Marine Natural Product Pateamine A, Sensitizes Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Cells to Radiation and Enhances BAX Expression
Parikh, Dhwani Click abstract title to view poster
3287: Efficacy of Surgically Implanted Flexible Spacer in Particle Therapy: A novel strategy Making Temporal Space between Tumor and Adjacent Organs
akasaka, hiroaki
3288: High Dose Ascorbate Enhances Chemo-Radio-Sensitization in GBM
Allen, Bryan Click abstract title to view poster
3289: The Application Of Radiotherapy To The Pediatric Preclinical Testing Program: Results Of A Pilot Study
Pelloski, Christopher
3291: Radioprotective Effects Of Soy Isoflavones On Normal Lung Tissue Could Translate To Improve Radiotherapy Outcome Of Lung Cancer
Hillman, Gilda
3292: Metformin As A Radiosensitizer In Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Fasih, Aisha Click abstract title to view poster
3293: Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy By Radiotherapy Combined With Axitinib In A Pre-clinical Model Of Lung Carcinoma
Hillman, Gilda
3294: Glioma Invasion Confers Radioresistance
3295: Preclinical Evaluation Of A Polymeric Nanoparticle Micelle Formulation Of Paclitaxel (genexol-pm) As A Radiosensitizer
Cummings, Natalie
3296: Anti-egfr/radiation Therapy Enhanced Through Galectin-1 Suppression In Nsclc
Siedow, Michael
3297: A New Use of Radiation to Ignite an Immune Response to Cancer
Hallahan, Dennis
3298: Beneficial Effects of Combined Antiangiogenesis and Heavy Ion Radiotherapy
Melzig, Claudius
3299: The HDAC Inhibitor Panobinostat Promotes Expression Of ?133p53 Variants In TP53 Wild Type Bladder Cancer Cells
Groselj, Blaz Click abstract title to view poster
3300: Combined ALK-inhibtion and Radiotherapy in Lung Cancer
Dai, Ying
3302: Investigation of Radiation Therapy Response Enhancement of DC Magnetic Fields.
McBride, William
3303: In Vivo Investigation of Non-Thermal Pulsed Focused Ultrasound for Prostate and Breast Cancer Therapy
Ma, C.M. Charlie