Poster # 2588 Stereotactic Robotic Radio Surgery Improves Local Control Rates with Second Line Chemotherapy in Unfavourable Locally Recurrent Unresectable Gynaecologic Malignancies.

Presenter: Somorat Bhattacharjee, MD

About the Presenter:
1. MD in Alternative Medicines in October,1991 from Calcutta University,Calcutta, India 2. MD in Radiotherapy in January,1995 from KMC(Manipal),India 3. Certified from Anglia Ruskin University,U.K. in 2006 in M.Sc.(Radiography - Therapeutic) 4. Certified in John Hopkins Medical School,Baltimore,USA 5. Completed 18 years of Post-Doctoral clinical experience in cancer patient management in several premiere organizations both in Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology. 6. Discovered a New Immuno-Modifier in cancer management in the world,which is approved by USFDA. 7. Presently working with IGRT,IMRT,SRT and Robotic Radio-surgery for last 3-4 years. 8. Treated around 170 patients having tumors in different sites by Robotic Radio-surgery
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