Poster # 2616 Factors influencing Outcome after Relapse of Endometrial Cancer: Role of Brachyterapy in the Salvage treatment

Presenter: Lijia Aviles, MD

About the Presenter:
My name is Lijia Aviles, I am a recently graduated Radiation Oncologyst in Buenos Aires Argentina, originally from Bolivia. I realized that radiotherapy had become more important and recognized by many medical disciplines, but Bolivia was not developed this area so I decided to move to Buenos Aires Argentina in 2007, the same year I was acepted at Vidt Medical Center afiliated to the Univesity of Buenos Aires for the radiation oncology program, under the supervision of Prof. Bernardo Dosoretz and his team, and completed the next 4 years of my residency by a scholarship. I graduated last year whit a 10 point average Board exam. I had a strong practice in HDR brachyterapy since cervical cancer is highly prevalent in Argentina and South America, I also had work with Cobalt-60 and Low dose rate brachyterapy because they are still in use at public Hospitals in Buenos Aires. Presently, I have the opportunity of working with 3D and IMRT technology, My work in the center is extremely gratifying both on the personal and professional level. Itís a students training center so it inspires me to delve into my own work regularly. The Chairmans Dr. Filomia and Dr. Rafailovici are very supportive and they trusted in me to teach students in workshops, other residency programs and meetings. Currently, I am so glad to be involved in the elaboration of three posters accepted for this ASTRO annual meeting.
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