Poster # 3094 "Prompt Referrals And Timely Interventions Leads To Cost Effective Palliation; Short Versus Long Course Radiation For Response To Palliation- A Single Institution Study In A Developing Country"

Presenter: Jovita Martin, MD, MBBS

About the Presenter:
February 4th 1980, my mother ,Mrs.Princy Martin heard my voice at 3 :20 pm and saw me first as she delivered me; she saw my curly wet hair, with a red face as a replica of my father's face,Mr.Martin; on the day we now celebrate as the Word Cancer Day. None knew the importance of my birth date, until the time I became an Oncologist when the significance of the mission given to me in my life and the full-fledged satisfaction my being became apparent. I grew in a household who always thought that I was always childlike but never childish with a constant determination to be and to become a Doctor one day. This sign board was stuck even within my toilet doors, nonetheless etched out in my Spirit, Soul, Mind and Heart. I am grateful to the Lord God Almighty for creating me the way He created for bringing the dream come true. I see the brethren suffering patients' pain with a dedicated respect for their heavy days and the Cancer survivors as an honourable majestic pride of my calling and the God given profession. Thanks to the progress of the growing medical field whose gates have been opened for me by the Creator to allow me to fulfil my calling in contribution of life, healing and restoration in the lives of the people in need. Jovita Martin

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