Poster # 3125 Assessment of the Organ-dose Reduction and Secondary Cancer Risk Associated with the Use of Proton Beam Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in Treatment of Neuroblastoma

Presenter: Hiroshi Fuji, MD, PhD

About the Presenter:
Personal Data: Address: Shizuoka Cancer Center, Proton Therapy Division Shizuoka, JAPAN 411-8777 E-mail Education 1995 - 1999 Ph.D., Doctoral Program in Medical Science. University of Tsukuba 1982 - 1990 M.D., University of Tsukuba School of Medicine Professional Background 2002 - Present Senior Staff, Proton Therapy Div. Shizuoka Cancer Ctr 2000 - 2002 Post-Doctoral fellow, Bioscience Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory 1999 - 2000 Resident Medical Doctor, National Institute of Radiological Science, Chiba 1990 - 1995 Resident Medical Doctor, Department of Radiology University of Tsukuba Hospital Recent publication Fuji H, Feasibility of proton beam therapy for chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the skull base, Skull base: an interdisciprinary, 2011; 21(3):201-206. Fuji H, Residual Motion and Duty Time in Respiratory Gating Radiotherapy Using Individualized or Population-Based Windows. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2009; 75(2): 564-570 Fuji H, Changes in rectal volume and prostate localization due to placement of a rectum-emptying tube. Jpn J Radiol 2009; 27:205-212. Fuji H, Feability of proton beam therapy for pediatric tumor, J Jpn Soc Ther Radiol Oncol 2008; 20: 143-149. Kase Y,Fuji H, A Treatment Planning Comparison of Passive-Scattering and Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy for Typical Tumor Sites. J Radiat Res. 2011 Dec 1. [Epub ahead of print] Nihei K,Fuji H, Murakami M, Hishikawa Y., Multi-Institutional Phase II Study of Proton Beam Therapy for Organ-Confined Prostate Cancer Focusing on the Incidence of Late Rectal Toxicities. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2010 Sep 8. (Epub ahead) Asakura H, Fuji H, Analysis of dose-volume histogram parameters for radiation pneumonitis after definitive concurrent chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer. Radiother Oncol. 2010 May;95(2):240-4.

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