Poster # 3198 MicroRNA-375 Expression Correlates With Increased Radiosensitivity, Decreased Invasion, and Improved Patient Survival in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Presenter: Pamela Boimel, PhD

About the Presenter:
I am a MD/PhD student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in my last clinical year and currently applying for residencies in radiation oncology. My PhD research focused on genes identified in clinical breast cancer microarray analyses to correlate with prognosis and investigating the functional contribution of these genes on tumor progression and metastasis in vivo. This radiobiology project was begun after becoming interested in radiation oncology during a clinical rotation and wanting to identify mechanisms of radiosensitivity in Head and Neck Cancer. I am interested in understanding if micro RNAs such as miR-375, which play a role in the malignancy and invasiveness of tumor cells, may also contribute to radiosensitivity.

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